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Following the incredible success of the iconic football shirt we created at the end of 2023. We've decided to introduce the Exclusive People Like Me & You Football Shirt to mark our Don Valley Bowl show. This is a product of an iconic collaboration between three influencers in the realms of sports and style: 80's Casual Classics, Patrick, and The Sherlocks. This limited-edition masterpiece seamlessly marries the heritage of '80s football fashion with contemporary elegance, offering unparalleled quality and a unique style statement.


Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this shirt bears the hallmarks of Patrick's sportswear excellence and The Sherlocks' signature style. Limited to a select few, it's a symbol of your unique taste and membership in an exclusive club of individuals who appreciate the intersection of football culture, music, and fashion sophistication. Choose to wear this exclusive shirt with pride, and be part of the legacy it represents - a fusion of passion, style, football heritage, and music in a collector's item like no other. Elevate your football fashion game and embrace The Sherlocks' spirit - order your exclusive shirt now.


Expected to be shipped prior to 7th June 2024


Pre-Order: The Sherlocks Exclusive Collectors Football Shirt

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